Your Wedding Rings

Besides owning your very personal wedding rings, we offer even more personalized service like engraving. It's a free complimentary service just for you.




What Can Be Engraved

Basically anything! Any text, logo, or graphics that is meaningful to you. Just make sure it's not too long and the design not too complicated that when the size is reduced, it becomes illegible. We will be happy to convert your artwork into digital format for our laser engraving machine.






How Much Does It Cost

Normally it can range from $10-30 in Thailand, but we just want all our customers to be fully satisfied. If it is a word with less than 15 characters, it is completely FREE! We will even digitize your wedding logo or special symbol for you free of charge.





How Long Does It Take

It takes 2-3 extra days to create the artwork and laser engrave onto the rings for you. However, if the rings have already been plated, it takes a bit longer since there will be an extra process to remove the plating and do the replating again. Please do let us know as early as possible if you wish to have an engraving done so we can make preparations in advance.





Words for Engraving Ideas

Wedding ring engravings can further personalize your very personal rings. It can be anything personal to both of you, or something that triggers memories that you shared, but here are some ideas to jump start.

  • Initials and wedding date
  • Our love is eternal
  • All my love
  • I'm always with you
  • To have and to hold
  • Until my forever ends...
  • Your hand in mine, we walk the miles
  • I carry your heart with me
  • Don't lose me!